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Your orders will be confirmed by sending you an email to the address you provided to us in our website. Your orders will be sent to our contracted courier within three business days following the approval of the bank for your payment. The Product/s will be delivered to your address by our contracted courier company within maximum 30 days following the receipt of your order, depending on the distance of the Delivery Address and provided that you duly execute the payment of all relevant customs taxes, fees and duties required by the custom offices in your country. We do not make deliveries during festivities and official holidays.

In case of an inconvenience on our side, we will contact you based on the information you have provided to us. Therefore, the correctness of your membership information is highly important. We assume that the information you saved in our website is true, complete and correct. The marker does not have an obligation to verify such information. We kindly remind you that you will be responsible for any inconvenience due to a mistake in such information.

The Products you purchase will be delivered by our contracted courier company and all transportation costs will be borne by The marker. In case you choose the transportation to be carried out by another courier company, you will be responsible for all relevant costs. Kindly also note that, any and all fees, taxes and duties to be paid at the customs for the importation of the Products to your country will be borne by yourself.



In case the Product you purchase from our website is defective, please contact us on +902164960050 as soon as possible. We will then change the defective product with a non-defective one or return the price of the Product.In case the defect of the Product is due to your misuse, our return policy will not apply.For the avoidance doubt, except as mentioned above, no return policy applies to our sales.